by: Steve Fultz, Digital Design Practice Lead | November 17, 2014

AIGA's 10 for 30 Campaign logo

I joined AIGA’s DC Chapter several years ago because I wanted to surround myself with a community of people who were as passionate about design as I was—and as I continue to be. I strongly believe in the power of design to create connections and inspire change, and not only does the AIGA community embody this ideal, but they also believe in educating the next generation of great designers so that this ideal continues to thrive.

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by: Karine Bailly, Senior Strategist | October 9, 2014

Education Pioneers Website on computer screen

If you’re at all interested in the hot topic of education reform, then you’ve perhaps heard of Education Pioneers (EP). Founded in 2003, EP seeks to strengthen education for students across the country by identifying and recruiting top talent from the business sector and connecting them to innovative leadership roles in the education sector. It’s no easy task, but it’s one that Rock Creek was honored to support, insofar as a strong brand identity and a fluid and functional website would help drive the organization’s continued success.

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by: Tiara Kennedy, Accessibility Analyst | September 29, 2014

Tiara Kennedy and Mackenzie Black present accessibility tips to the Rock Creek Staff

Websites often present obstacles that prevent them from being accessed by users with disabilities. To help break down these barriers, Rock Creek’s User Experience (UX) and Accessibility Teams recently developed four personas to illustrate to the Rock Creek staff some common accessibility impediments. The presentation lifted a few key misconceptions about developing websites that are accessible for everyone, including users with disabilities.

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