A “Captionable” World

by: Jonathan Akman, Marketing Strategist | July 22, 2014

Left to Right - Julie Bascom, Lise Hamlin, and Patrick Cokley at the 2014 Accessing Social Media event at the FCC.

Since 1980, closed captioning has appeared on television screens across the United States. Today, that same technology may be coming to your eyeglasses. As the information age takes hold, how we transmit digital information to individuals with disabilities is fundamentally changing.

On Thursday, July 17, I attended the FCC’s “Accessing Social Media” event with other Rock Creekers, Lauren Villeneuve and Tiara Kennedy. The event brought together social media and accessibility experts from the federal government and private sector to discuss best practices to ensure social media is accessible to every individual.

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What We’re Reading This Week and Planning for Independence Day Weekend

by: Lauren Villeneuve, Senior Marketing Strategist | July 3, 2014

Fireworks in DC over the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building

Over the last week, Rock Creekers have been sharing and reading some interesting articles and resources. From Facebook experimenting on users to how Google is taking over our lives to redefining what it means to do something “like a girl” to learning how to make social media more accessible via GSA’s DigitalGov team… it has been a busy week!

Check out what we’ve been reading and how we’re planning to celebrate our nation’s 239th birthday!

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Innovation and Impact: A D.C. Web Women Gathering

by: Karine Bailly, Senior Strategist | June 24, 2014

During a recent D.C. Web Women gathering, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Digital Training & Capacity Building lead, Gloria Huang, shared the story of her pursuits in leveraging social media in order to drive real life impact. Prior to FEMA, Gloria worked to build a social engagement platform that would enhance the Red Cross’ disaster response capabilities, an endeavor that led to the birth of the Red Cross’ Digital Operations Center. Gloria’s story was an insightful reminder that, yes, change is hard. As Gloria tried to move beyond social media in order to build a true engagement platform, a seemingly desirable outcome exposed a slew of other problems, gaps, and barriers.

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