by: Mary Burke, Marketing Producer | January 27, 2015

Like anyone with a full-time job, it’s understandable that the Rock Creek team can sometimes get caught in the humdrum of balancing work with personal responsibilities and passions. With this in mind, we decided that reinvigorating our company-wide commitment to public service would be a fun way to rally our team outside of the office while also giving back to the DC community. 

Rock Creek staff volunteering at DC Central Kitchen

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by: Amanda Nguyen, Director of Strategy | January 21, 2015

Last night, millions of Americans tuned in to watch the State of the Union address. In years past, the annual event drew family or friends around the television set to hear directly from the President about major policy, national, and foreign relations issues.

Today, we have a constant feed of news and speculation -- with plenty of commentary. Although viewership has declined remarkably, the rise of second screening and social networks makes it possible to a far greater audience through Tweets, animated gifs (just ask Speaker Boehner), Facebook posts, and Buzzfeed long after the President leaves the chamber.

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by: Lauren Villeneuve, Senior Marketing Strategist | December 18, 2014

The four winning cookies from the annual holiday cookie exchange.

Yesterday's Holiday Cookie Exchange was a sensory overload that led to many-a-cookie-coma. Perhaps that's why it was so difficult for us to choose a single winning recipe. Or perhaps it was just because there were too many delicious cookies to choose from! Below are the top four cookie recipes from our annual Holiday Cookie Exchange. From our family to yours … Enjoy!

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