by: Lauren Villeneuve, Senior Marketing Strategist | April 1, 2014

Last week, some of the brightest minds in the public and private sectors met at Martin Luther King Jr. Library to discuss entrepreneurship and small business. During this #SocialGov Summit, panels discussed everything and anything from the D.C. creative community to government mobile apps. As I feverishly tried to live-tweet all the inspiring and creative nuggets of information, I found myself captivated by how truly innovative the government has become through digital engagement.

by: Amanda Nguyen, Director of Strategy | March 17, 2014

Last week thousands flocked to Austin, Texas for an annual meeting of creative minds at the South by Southwest Interactive festival, casually referred to as “South by.” The Rock Creek Strategic Marketing team fanned out to meet the brightest minds and discover new opportunities and inspiration for interactive marketing, strategy, and digital design.  Here’s what we saw, heard, and learned:

by: Amanda Nguyen, Director of Strategy | March 7, 2014

The best laid schemes of mice and men, often go awry.

In the wise words of Robert Burns, you need a back up plan. What can you learn from the social media strategy panel that never was? Social media plans should consider elements that go beyond digital platforms and social engagement. What if WiFi is down or there's no cell reception? How will you reach your target audience or get the word out?