by: Karine Bailly, Senior Strategist | September 26, 2014

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At the forefront of my “why I like my job” list is the ability to think about and participate in the conversations and technologies that affect our everyday lives as local residents and global citizens. A beautiful and usable website can connect the dots between a government service and the person that needs that very service.  A social media outreach campaign can drum up civic engagement around an important cause. Needless to say, there are so so many ways that communication and technology can drive positive change, and at this year’s EcoDistricts Summit, I got to hear about a few new (and super cool!) technologies that are being used to build more equitable and sustainable places—otherwise referred to as Smart Cities.

by: Karine Bailly, Senior Strategist | September 17, 2014

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How can we use technology platforms to build a better world? That’s kind of a “big” question, but where better than a Mozilla Maker Party to dig into the details.

The recent Maker Party hosted at Open Gov Hub featured panelists from the World Bank, Internews, and SimLab, all of whom came together to discuss precise examples of when and where technology can be used to enhance civic engagement and spark social change—or what I would otherwise call “better world” building. Be it an SMS platform, an open data tool, or an online community for video content, we have to keep in mind that the tool, in and of itself, is not the means to an end. There are a few questions—or “best practices,” if you will—that technology evangelists need to keep in mind.

by: Amanda Nguyen, Director of Strategy | July 28, 2014

What better way to wrap up the week with a series of mini case studies at What’s Next DC? There was nothing ‘mini’ about the smart use of technology, well-designed and executed social engagement strategies, and observations about how the marketing community should plan for and operate within the ‘post social media era.’

NASA’s lead spokesperson, Stephanie Schierholtz, presenting at the 2014 What's Next D.C. event