by: Evelyn Teel, Senior Marketing Strategist | December 2, 2014

Google Analytics Logo

Have you ever wondered how people find certain websites? Or where they are geographically located when they perform Internet searches? How much time they spend on the site, or whether they visit more than once? End users can be a big question mark when trying to build an effective website. However, Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful, albeit simple, tool that can shed light as to how your site is being used, and by whom.

by: Karine Bailly, Senior Strategist | October 9, 2014

Education Pioneers Website on computer screen

If you’re at all interested in the hot topic of education reform, then you’ve perhaps heard of Education Pioneers (EP). Founded in 2003, EP seeks to strengthen education for students across the country by identifying and recruiting top talent from the business sector and connecting them to innovative leadership roles in the education sector. It’s no easy task, but it’s one that Rock Creek was honored to support, insofar as a strong brand identity and a fluid and functional website would help drive the organization’s continued success.

by: Karine Bailly, Senior Strategist | September 26, 2014

EcoDistricts Summit Banner Ad

At the forefront of my “why I like my job” list is the ability to think about and participate in the conversations and technologies that affect our everyday lives as local residents and global citizens. A beautiful and usable website can connect the dots between a government service and the person that needs that very service.  A social media outreach campaign can drum up civic engagement around an important cause. Needless to say, there are so so many ways that communication and technology can drive positive change, and at this year’s EcoDistricts Summit, I got to hear about a few new (and super cool!) technologies that are being used to build more equitable and sustainable places—otherwise referred to as Smart Cities.